Kep1er Choi Yu Jin And Kim Da Yeon Test Positive For COVID-19 While Seo Young Eun And Kim Chae Hyun Make Full Recovery

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More Kep1er members have tested positive for COVID-19.

On February 4, WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment released a statement to confirm that Seo Young Eun and Kim Chae Hyun have recovered from COVID-19, but Choi Yu Jin and Kim Da Yeon had tested positive while in quarantine.

Seo Young Eun and Kim Chae Hyun fully recovered on February 3 and their quarantine was lifted. The other members of Kep1er have tested negative and their quarantine was lifted as well except for Choi Yu Jin and Kim Da Yeon.

According to the agency, Kep1er members Choi Yu Jin and Kim Da Yeon tested positive, both members have received two doses of vaccination. Currently, both members aren’t showing any symptoms.

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The agency promises to do its best to ensure their idols are in good health.

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