KBS Bans BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” And “Tally” From “Music Bank,” Here Is Why

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Two new BLACKPINK songs have been also banned by KBS’s “Music Bank”!

Previously, BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” was excluded from KBS’s “Music Bank” after KBS deemed it unfit for broadcast based on their standards.

The reason was the song included ‘brand name’ in the lyrics, thus, it was deemed unfit for broadcast. It is said the track violated article 46 of the broadcast standard such as including a brand name in the lyrics.  

Back then, YG has chose not to rewrite or petition the song for consideration.

On September 21, it was also revealed that Shut Down” and “Tally,” which were included in their second album “Born Pink,” have been banned from broadcast. The state-run broadcaster said “Shut Down” contains a specific brand name in its lyrics, while “Tally” has profanity and several vulgar words.

By the way, this is not the first BLACKPINK song that was deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS. Previously, KBS music video review also banned BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” music video because it violates traffic laws. They also previously banned “Boombaya” for the words “F U Pay me.”

It is known that KBS is extremely strict with its broadcasting laws.

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