KARA’s Member Gyuri Opens Up About Being In A Dark Place After Goo Hara’s Tragic Passing

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KARA’s Member Gyuri has recently opened up about how she felt following the passing of Goo Hara.

On June 17, Channel A shared a preview clip of their upcoming episode of “Dr. Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic” featuring KARA’s Member Gyuri. In the teaser, the idol shares her story about how it was like following Hara’s passing.

She said,

“Since our member left, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I am a human after all….

I thought to myself a lot that I should just disappear.”

Gyuri debuted as part of KARA in 2007. The group disbanded in 2016 after three of its members including Hara and Gyuri departed the agency. In 2019, Goo Hara passed away.

The full episode airs on June 24.

Source: (A)

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