[BREAKING] Kangin Announces Departure From Super Junior

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Kangin personally revealed that he’s leaving his group of 14 years, Super Junior!

On July 11, Kangin posted a black photo with a long caption, in it, he explained to fans that he’s leaving the group.

Here is his full translated statement:

“Hello. This is Kangin. I am greeting you for the first time in a long time.

As its not good news, my heart feels heavy, but I am posting it after much deliberation.

I am now letting go of the name ‘Super Junior’ that has been with me for a long time.

I always felt sorry for the members.”

He also explained why he had not made that decision earlier,

“I always thought that it would be right of me to make this decision sooner than later, but thinking of the people who support me unconditionally and our agency family troubled my heart, so I couldn’t find the courage to do that easily.

I thought I couldn’t make this decision alone

But I decided that I should not delay it anymore after I watched my members go through things they shouldn’t have to because of my problems.

More than anything, I feel the most apologetic to E.L.F. who always gave me love for the past 14 years.”

He also explained that even though he’s late, he will let go of his group and will always feel sorry and feel gratitude as he walks down a new path. He also said that he’ll always wish Super Junior the best.

Kangin debuted as part of Super Junior back in 2005. He’s the third member to leave his group.


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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I honestly didn’t think he was ever going to leave his group! He was a part at the most crucial moments and at the severity of the backlash he and his members received, I thought that if he hadn’t left then he wouldn’t leave now.

All of this is his own doing, getting caught drunk driving twice is not a good thing. It’s a danger to society.

Personally speaking, I theorize that he didn’t leave sooner because the members supported him and wanted him to stay. They surely loved him. They have a great bond and have been through thick and thin together.

I personally believe that if the entire group or the majority of them felt uncomfortable with him, he would’ve left earlier. He said so in his statement that because of his members’ support he couldn’t easily make that decision alone.

I kinda want to respect that but again I remember that he hurt and disrespected his members with his actions. They have been receiving many hateful comments because he was still a part of SUJU despite what he’s done. Back at the height of their career and even now, he caused so much pain to the members because he was still a part of the group. You should’ve seen the harsh comments netizens wrote.

Some might think this is an exaggeration but I take the reasonable route here. Drunk driving is a serious issue everywhere; innocent people going about their day could get seriously injured or worse simply because a man/woman decided they could drive intoxicated.

Kangin hit a traffic light the second time. How drunk would you have to be to run into a big traffic light? If you’re causing others pain, that’s when it becomes an issue with me and I believe any other reasonable human being as well.

Despite all of that, I wish he would receive treatment and carry on. I still don’t believe he should be exiled from the entertainment industry. I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling him to quit nor it is my place to say so.

It’s up to the Korean GP at this point. fighting, I guess!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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