Kang Daniel’s Contract With His New Agency Could Be Possibly Terminated? His Legal Representative Responds

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New report released by Korean news outlet Yonhap News revealed more details about Kang Daniel and his new agency ongoing dispute, the idol’s legal representative spoke to the news outlet to share what could hopefully be good news with fans.

Following the initial reports that Kang Daniel was seeking contract termination with his agency, LM Entertainment released a statement to the press clarifying they were sent a certification of contents to request modifications to his contract not to terminate it.

His legal representative told Yonhap news on March 5th,

“We’re currently doing a legal review; we’ll do our best to ensure this does not interfere with Kang Daniel entertainment activities.”

The statement shared by his legal representative is to answer fans’ questions and worries that rose after the reports were released two days ago.

They’re currently doing a discussion of certification of contents that was sent to his agency, he’s asking for certain changes in his contract. It was also reportedly hinted that there is a possibility of contract termination in case his demands are not met.

When asked if this could possibly turn into a legal battle, the legal representative simple replied with,

“we’re in the middle of legal review, so its difficult to give an answer.”

Yonhap News reports that the certification of content was sent back on February 1st. It is said to have also particularly included that the contract would be considered to have been terminated unless it was modified and negotiated by the 28th of the same month.

To the public, it is still unknown whether the conflict between the agency and Kang Daniel will be resolved any time soon.

It hasn’t been long since he signed with his new agency, it had been reported he’d be planning for an April solo debut earlier this year, however, it is unknown whether that’ll be possible considering the ongoing legal review between the two parties.

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My Thoughts

Told you guys, I knew there was more to this and it wasn’t only about the social media accounts. Judging from Daniel’s message to fans (you can read it here) it seems to have been started because of the social media accounts.

Of course, I don’t know the whole truth but since Daniel said it was about the social media accounts it must be what started it.

I hope they reach a peaceful agreement, he’s already into a rough start and I am still unsure why he re-signed with such an unknown agency (even if it’s a part of CJ E&M), idols get screwed by the bigger agencies even if they’re of big status and it can be even worse with smaller agencies with little to no experience, not everyone knows how to manage idols, some big agencies still struggle.

Daniel’s continuous rise to fame will be highly dependent on how he’s promoted, his agency needs to take advantage of the public’s interest while its there, he’s still at a crossover.

While other Wanna One members continue to prepare for their debut or have already debuted while he’s still in dispute, I worry about his future. I was personally anticipating how he’ll do in the future.

I hope he works it out with the agency in a good way since I know LM is a subsidiary of CJ E&M. They should have given him full access to his social media accounts so this wouldn’t have happened, its not worth losing someone who can literally make money just by showing his face at events because you want to control his accounts. If I were the CEO of LM I’d be on my knees begging the man not to leave.


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