Kang Daniel Wants To Terminate His Contract With His Agency Because Of Seungri? His Agency Issues A Statement

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The title might have triggered you but let me explain how Kang Daniel’s dispute with his agency is allegedly caused by Seungri.

On March 3, news outlet Market News reported that popular idol and former Wanna One member Kang Daniel asked to terminate his contract with his agency LM Entertainment.

However, suddenly news outlet Sports Chosun reported something that raised eye brows, they linked Kang Daniel dispute with his agency to Seungri.

According to Sports Chosun, Kang Daniel’s decision to leave his agency was Seungri, he had met the senior idol during his time in Wanna One, through him he was introduced to a woman in Hong Kong who’s in her 40s. It is being alleged this woman has been trying to lure Kang Daniel away from his agency, she’s reportedly gathering with investors to attract Kang Daniel.

This piece of information didn’t sit well with netizens or international fans who couldn’t believe it or find a connection, some called linking Seungri to Kang Daniel absurd while others questioned if its even true at all.

However, his agency stepped up to clarify, they told various news outlets there had been a misunderstanding, they revealed Kang Daniel requested to modify some clauses in his contract but didn’t request to terminate.

In their statements to various news outlets they also clarified they would be trying their best to reach an agreement with the artist.

Kang Daniel signed with LM Entertainment back on February 1st after he left his previous agency MMO Entertainment on January 31st. The idol is currently preparing for his solo debut which is aimed for some time in April.

What do you think of this?

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