Kang Daniel Reportedly Cut Off Contact With Other Wanna One Members And Moved Out Of His Dorm

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The conflict between Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment has escalated into new heights.

On March 21, Kang Daniel’s legal representative Yulchon LLC revealed in an official statement that they have submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court for an injunction and termination of Daniel’s exclusive contract with his agency, LM Entertainment. This means that the agency has breached the terms of his contract.

His legal representative argues that LM Entertainment had sold his exclusive contract rights to third parties without his consent.

On March 26, LM Entertainment released an official statement denying what Kang Daniel’s legal representative told news outlets, the agency says the legal representative made false claims against them and had been uncooperative during discussions.

In their official statement, they hint at the possibility of taking legal action after reviewing the contents of the injunction request.

After LM Entertainment released their statement, Kang Daniel’s legal representative returned with another statement refuting what they said. The legal representative explains that Kang Daniel was not given an explanation in advance and has not given his consent either.

It was also reported by news outlets that Kang Daniel has also left the dorm provided by his agency. He has also changed his number and stopped contacting his fellow Wanna One members.

An insider explains the reason behind his choice. The idol didn’t want information to leak to the public that may benefit LM Entertainment. He has stopped talking in the group Kakaotalk chatroom as well.

The industry insider also explains that he has cut off contact with all other celebrities he befriended on variety shows.

“Kang Daniel does not want his story to be misrepresented or misinterpreted, and he does not want rumors to fly, this is why he stopped talking to his friends.”


The insider also explains that this will likely continue until the situation is resolved.

His solo debut has been postponed indefinitely as a result as well.

Domestic and international fans continue to voice their support for the idol promising to always be there for him.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

Told you guys, something was wrong!

In case you didn’t know, the news of his conflict with his agency started with his Instagram account and back then I speculated that there is something bigger taking place which led Kang Daniel to take such a strong stance against his label. It had to be bigger than just social media accounts.

Both sides contradict each other, one says they didn’t sell the rights, one says they did.

Logically speaking, Kang Daniel will not win this battle if he doesn’t provide a logical reason for the contract termination. Even Tao (former EXO member) lost his battle against SM because it was all about contract terms and breach of contract.

Kang Daniel strikes me as a smart dude. I don’t think his lawyer would go out of his way and start claiming things that didn’t happen just to get Kang Daniel out of his contract, but again, I don’t know what is going on exactly. We should wait for the court ruling.

By the end of the day, if there was no breach of contract it would be difficult for a court to rule in Kang Daniel’s favor.

I understand moving out of the dorm but cutting off contact with everyone? I don’t know how to feel about this!

He is 22 years old after all and it could be that he finds this overwhelming and needs some time off, it could also be that there are certain people within his circle that he doesn’t trust as well. He also doesn’t want people to gossip and spread fake info and what not.

It’s sad that such a bright idol with a bright future ahead of him has to go through a legal battle. Trust is important and LM Entertainment broke their trust, that’s something that’ll never be restored.


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  1. I feel so sad of what’s Daniel going through. I know how powerful those persons behind LM ent.,but Daniel is such a superstar and have a millions of fans.Ive been so eager of KD debut.I hope he win in this battle.He is so amazing for having a determination to fight what his rights. God is with you, though you’re alone at this moment but surely,outside of that room, millions of individuals rooting for you,fighting with you and waiting for you.So don’t be afraid and keep going until you succeed..we love you so much and we miss you soooo much…

  2. I think the main reason is that he might not want the fellow wanna one members to be involved with this situation – I won’t too if I were him .

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