Kang Daniel Under Fire For Alleged Sexist Remarks About “Street Woman Fighter” + His Reaction To Criticism On The Subject Gains Attention

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Kang Daniel is currently under fire for what some k-netizens are calling ‘sexist’ remarks, so what happened?

Kang Daniel has acted as the MC for the hit show “Street Woman Fighter.” Recently through the paid app UNIVERSE, which is a subscription-based app, his remarks about the crew went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Kang Daniel talked about the differences between filming with men and women on the show. He said,

To be honest, it was so comfortable [working with the man version of the show] because they were all men. I am happy because I feel my energy doesn’t get sucked out of me/ I don’t feel worn out. I was very scared in the beginning actually. But street woman fighter was scarier. I like ‘Street Man Fighter’ more.”

While in English, for the unsuspected eyes it might not sound controversial, the term ‘energy-sucking’ is often used in Korea to refer to situations with cliques of women. The term is often used to subtly put down women under the stereotype that women tend to be cattier than men. This was the term some Korean fans took issue with.

When confronted with that, Kang Daniel doubled down and said,

they’re noonas who do their eyeliner and makeup fiercely too.

What do you mean I am being sexist/ because of gender?

I am at a loss for words.

I’ll just skip through this. Blocking them… goodbye..

such people are the ones who would get angry when they attend stand-up comedy shows.

Lets live in peace, life is tough on all of us.”

Some k-netizens found an issue with the way Kang Daniel responded to the situation and instead of taking time to understand why some found an issue with his comment, he blocked them.

Kang Daniel also talked about being close to most of them, he said,

all of them are like close dancer dongsangs of hyungs I know. Me too, I was someone who worked on my skills in the underground scene. Thats why I could become the Mc. Lol.”

The issue is gaining attention on various online forums.

On the other hand, many fans are defending him saying his comments were not wrong and he didn’t mean anything thats even close to sexist by them. Many fans believe his comments were taken out of context by haters or antis masking as fans in order to take him down.

Since then, Kang Daniel has not responded to the controversy.

Do you think his comments were out of line or not?

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