Kang Daniel Lawyer Clarifies Alleged Reports Linking Him To Seungri, Promises Legal Action Against False Reports

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With the controversies surrounding BIGBANG Seungri escalating to new heights previous reports linking Seungri to Kang Daniel came to light.

Previously, it was revealed that Kang Daniel has an ongoing dispute with his agency LM Entertainment. Shockingly, some Korean news outlets reported that the dispute was because Seungri introduced Kang Daniel to a woman (in her 40s) in Hong Kong and that woman had been allegedly meeting with investors and trying to convince Kang Daniel to leave his agency.

That woman is allegedly the same wealthy Taiwanese woman who invested heavily in Burning Sun club.

Back then, Kang Daniel’s agency firmly denied that report and explained Kang Daniel had requested modification of some of his contract terms with them.

Later, Kang Daniel also personally revealed those rumors were not true through a statement to his official fan café. He asked fans to trust him and wait for the truth to be revealed.

Amid the ongoing controversy regarding Seungri, the alleged Kakaotalk messages, as well as the Burning Sun club controversy, those previous reports linking Kang Daniel to Seungri, came back to light and his lawyer stepped up to clarify the reports.

On March 11 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” the show had a phone call with Kang Daniel’s lawyer Seon Jong Moon. In the phone call, the lawyer talked about the alleged reports and clarified there will be legal actions taken against the spreading of those baseless rumors.

During the interview with the lawyer, he clarified that Kang Daniel had never met Seungri privately and had never been to Burning Sun club either.

He also clarified Seungri visited Wanna One concerts merely to support Kang Daniel as a senior artist in the industry, the lawyer assured they would be checking the content of the rumors and will be taking legal action in response.

The lawyer also assured fans they’re trying their best to help Kang Daniel return to his normal entertainment activities.

You can check out the phone conversation with the lawyer below:

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