Kang Daniel Diagnosed With Depression And Panic Disorder, Announces Hiatus Following Worrisome Posts

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Kang Daniel health is worrying his fans!

Last night, Kang Daniel posted a string of notes to his official fan café, in them, he details how much he’s been suffering due to malicious comments and false rumors. He also went into details about how much he’s tired and exhausted of all the stress, he even begged his fans to save him.

Fans were frantic after reading those posts, Kang Daniel had been promoting his most recent release, and fans asked him to take better care of himself.

On December 4, Kang Daniel pre-recording for MBC’s “Show Champion” was canceled due to health issues. This was followed by a statement by his agency, KONNECT Entertainment. They explained what’s going on with Kang Daniel while announcing his hiatus for now.

They explained that Kang Daniel’s health was poor and he had to undergo a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. Kang Daniel focused on getting treated.

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The agency clarifies that despite his attempt to better take care of himself, his anxiety symptoms became severe, thus, they concluded that Kang Daniel needed sufficient rest and thus canceled today’s pre-recording for MBC’s “Show Champion.”

“He is unable to carry out his activities normally. The truth is, its difficult to carry on with promotions for his digital single “Touchin” considering this situation.

We deeply apologize to fans, broadcasting stations, media outlets, and all other related personnel for causing concern.”

They ended their statement stressing that they will do their best to care for Kang Daniel, they also asked to refrain from writing speculative reports that might cause misunderstandings.

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Fans are happy to read the agency’s statement, they were afraid his health would deteriorate if he continued to promote despite his condition.

Rest well, Kang Daniel.

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