Kang Daniel Apologizes To His Fans In A Letter Following Dating News, Here is What He Said

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Kang Daniel has finally opened up about his dating news in a personal letter he shared to fans through his website on August 5. In the letter, he apologized and shared his thoughts following the dating news that were revealed earlier today.

Here is his translated letter,

“Hello. This is Kang Daniel.

First of all, I am very sorry for the people who may have been surprised by the sudden news today.

You may have not been able to focus on anything all day, and I was worried whether I am writing you too late. I am very sorry because I couldn’t say it beforehands and also because I am talking about this in a space that could overflow even with the words between all of you and myself.”

He continues on to talk about the tiring times he’s been through before he was able to stand on his feet and credits fans that stood by his side despite the long no engagement period in which he couldn’t talk due to fear of speculative talk and malicious comments.

He tells fans that they’ve endured so much for him and put various messages of support everywhere,

“I really thank you for the love and support that made me able to stand up again.”

He also talks about the support he received whilst working on his album from fans encouraging messages; he says that he wants to take care of the hearts of the fans and to do that he’ll become a singer that shows a good image.

He closed with,

“I received a lot form fans and I feel grateful. I’ll try to return more than that in the future.

Tomorrow, I’ll become a better Daniel than who is today.

I really, really thank you for being with me.”

What do you think of his letter?

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My Personal Thoughts

First of all, I am shocked by the news! I could have never imagined the two together, it felt so stretched.

I have been monitoring online reactions and have noticed that K-netizens are pissed with Daniel right now; you can tell he’s pleading with them through this letter. In case you didn’t know, Dispatch actually wrote the dating article on July 20 but only released it on August 5, read about that more here.

This means that Dispatch has known for a while and that they delayed the announcement. If this report was released on July 20, it would’ve ruined his solo debut.

So far, he had great success with the help of his fans which I have to say was remarkable. If he didn’t have this good image and solid fanbase he would’ve been forgotten by now.

Daniel strikes me as a bold person. Before any of you bash me, let me explain why I think it was bold of him to date during all of this.

Personally, I think it’s his right to do whatever he wishes and I couldn’t care any less who he dates, however, the same can’t be said for delulu fans who think they own him.

Daniel is a smart person. I am surprised he dated during this time because he was so careful during the legal battle not to talk or interact with anyone who can potentially spread false malicious rumors about him.

He knows certain people are out to get him. Dating is like the number one thing that should escape his mind at the time because if he gets caught, he’ll take a huge blow. His fans are young like him and he knows how the industry works.

In fact, Dispatch did him a favor and he debut without any interruptions. I am shocked they actually didn’t release the news on July 20.

I am not saying he shouldn’t date but considering how smart he is and how vulnerable his status is right now, he should know that dating is probably one of the easiest weapons people can use to destroy his momentum.

For someone who was this careful about everything leading up to the court sentence and his debut, I expected he’d stay away from dating until he found himself in a comfortable state, think of it like out of the danger zone.

It’s been like two weeks since he debuted.

I will continue to wish him the best. He’ll take the blow this time. We’ll have to wait and see the full effect of the dating news.

I personally think it’s a shame that this is how its done, but as I always say, if you’re playing the game play by the rules or don’t play at all. If you play and break the rules, expect to pay the ‘price,’ its sad but this is Kpop. I don’t like that aspect but I can’t change mob mentality.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. You have hit the nail on the head with every aspect of this story. He knew the game he wanted to play and unfortunately will have to pay the price. Sad but true.

    1. It’s not a game, the whole idol model of fans owning them & forbidding them from being human is pure BS. Toxic and unhinged. It shows when 99% of international fans are either happy for him or don’t care bc this wouldn’t be news here. Two famous people dating, big whoop.

  2. There is like NO NEED for him to apologize for such mundane stuff. But I guess some precautions were needed…. I am totally in favour of him dating but sometimes I guess when you are totally aware of the industry you are working for , you need to take steps carefully… Especially in an industry like K-pop where you are deprived all of your mundane activities one must always remember that you are only allowed to do what Korean fans want because there’s not much we international fans can do… I’ve never seen anything happening in favour of international fans… So I guess he should have been carefully but it’s love it’s the only field where logic and feelings don’t coexist
    So I’ll support him in all the way I can…

  3. There is absolutely NO reason for Kang Daniel to apologize. For pity’s sake, when will these crazed fans get lives of their own and let their Idols begin to live themselves. I thought they adored these Idols, but it would seem with their selfishness it truly is not a sincere admiration but an attempt to own these poor artists’ lives.
    Let them be!

  4. I think it’s a good thing that Daniel is dating, with everything going on to him, the legal battles, the struggle of building his company and his debut. His gonna need someone to comfort him personally, not all fans are there with him personally and physically, and it’s very different when you get support from a fan from the support of someone you like or love. I actually thank Jihyo for being with him thru everything that is going on Daniel’s life. I support them as a fan. Nothing is bad about dating, they are in the right age to explore and meet people.

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