KaKao Entertainment Investigated By Fair Trade Commission For Suspicion Of Spreading Malicious Rumors About Competing Idol Groups Through A Facebook Page

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The Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site investigation on Kakao Entertainment.

Recently, Kakao Entertainment has been suspected of attempting to spread rumors through their Facebook page ‘Idol Issue’ account against competing girl groups.

According to a report on the morning of November 17, the Fair Trade Commission dispatched an investigator to Kakao Entertainment’s headquarters in Pangyo on November 16 to examine whether it violated the Fair Trade Act or not. This was done to identify whether the Facebook Page ‘Idol Issue’ made attempts to spread rumors or whether the act constitutes a violation of the Fair Trade Act.

In response, Kakao Entertainment announced its statement on November 17 confirming that their Facebook account posts violated copyrights and as a result, they decided to close the account. However, they denied ever maliciously running the account to spread rumors about competing idol groups from other agencies while propping up their own.

Check out the full statement of kakao Entertainment below:

“This is our official statement on closing the ‘Idol Issue’ page and the suspicion of it attempting to spread rumors.
We confirmed that there were posts that violated some copyrights due to the inexperience in the operation of the agency that has operated the page.
We felt responsible for not closely managing it, and as soon as we recognized the incident, we closed the account.
We have no plans to operate it in the future.
It is not true at all [in response to intentional malicious rumors spread about idol groups] but it is true that the investigation was conducted by the Fair Trade Commission.
It is difficult to mention details such as the cause and purpose of the investigation.”

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