K-Netizens Demand Goo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend Be Punished, Create Blue House Petition & Trend Hashtags

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Following the news of Goo Hara’s death, many fans and k-netizens turned their attention towards her abusive ex-boyfriend Choi Jong Bum; it became a trending topic so much so that he was the number one trending subject in twitter Korea.

In case you’re wondering whats going on, it has to do with their past together. Many fans agree that he destroyed her life and continues to carry on normally as if nothing happened while Goo Hara was being shamed for his actions.

Choi Jong Bum was sentenced crimes of property damages, physical assault, threatening, and unnecessary force, he received a prison sentence of one year and six months, suspended for three years of probation. He was acquitted of sexual assault in the form of illegal footage filming. He had previously threatened to spread their sex tap and even contacted media outlet Dispatch to negotiate a deal according to Dispatch themselves.

After he was handed his sentence, the prosecution filed an appeal against the court’s sentence back in September of 2019 advocating for a harsher sentence to serve as a lesson to those who would attempt to do what he did in the near future.

Due to that, fans and k-netizens were furious, they trended multiple hashtags asking for the punishment of Choi Jong Bum, #Punish_Choi_Jong_Bum (written in Korean) topped Korea trends for a while, plus many other hashtags in relation to her death.

K-netizens want the Korean justice system to take sexual harassment and sexual assault charges more seriously and to implement harsher sentences on those who commit these crimes.

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K-netizens also petitioned to the blue house for stricter punishment, the petition titled “Petition to reconsider punishment criteria for sex crimes,” has amassed over 200 thousand signature as of this writing. The petition mentions how much Goo Hara suffered from her abusive ex-boyfriend and how he was able to still walk away freely following all the suffering he put her through, you can sign the petition here.

Do you agree with k-netizens?

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