K-Netizens Call Super Junior Shindong’s Post ‘Disgusting’ And ‘Embarrassing’ After Seeing This Instagram Update

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Super Junior Shindong new Instagram update is garnering lots of attention!

Recently, Super Junior Shindong and his friend shared a video of themselves enjoying their time at a restaurant during an Instagram live; however, their choice of filter attracted attention and is receiving negative responses from k-netizens.

In the video, Super Junior Shindong uses various angles and facial expressions; the filter used is of a woman twerking in the corner of the frame and one on his nose. Shindong and his friend appear to be enjoying the filter and making hilarious facial expressions to go along with it.

However, k-netizens are criticizing Shindong’s post for being ‘embarrassing,’ ‘disgusting.’ A post on Nate has attracted over 200,000 views and a lot of negative comments; it contains the videos and photos of the filters on Shindong’s nose. The top voted comments are,

“As expected,”

“Is there anyone normal in Super Junior? Now they’re just here because they used to so popular with hit songs, they would’ve disbanded just from Choi Siwon.”

“From the beginning, I just never liked Shindong.”

Fans, on the other hand, think the filter is funny and harmless and don’t understand why Shindong is receiving such backlash.

What do you think of this?

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