K-Fans Feel Betrayed By EXO Chen After The Birth Of His Daughter? The Reason Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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K-Fans Feel Betrayed By EXO Chen After The Birth Of His Daughter? The Reason Will Have You Scratching Your Head

On April 29, it was revealed that EXO Chen and his non-celebrity wife welcomed their first daughter. This comes only three months after Chen’s sudden announcement to the group’s community page, he shocked fans when he announced he was getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend and that she was carrying their child.

Shortly after the initial reveal, one Korean news outlet reported that Chen had already tied the knot to his wife, later, SM denied the news. Reports about how long his girlfriend was pregnant were also being written, some speculated she’s been pregnant since mid-2020 but no one could know because Chen didn’t specify at the time.

The international side of EXO-Ls has been very welcoming of the news; they’ve shown their love and support to Chen and his wife. Fans on the Korean side showed a different reaction, some of them formed a union and began advocating for his departure from EXO because they claim he’s hurting EXO’s image, they even protested physically and done a bunch of other weird stuff but SM denied their request and explained Chen will not leave EXO.

After the news of Chen’s daughter arrival, k-EXO-Ls are expressing their feelings of ‘betrayal’ from Chen for…. (wait for it)…. hiding his wife’s pregnancy for so long before finally confirming the news in January of 2020.

Apparently, some fans think he should’ve been more transparent and tell them when it had happened; they also think the timing in which Chen revealed the news was deliberate, as he didn’t reveal the news when EXO was touring, they started their 2019 tour in July. A report by a Korean news outlets explains that some fans felt betrayed because of this.

EXO had wrapped up their tour on the last day of 2019; this is why k-fans have expressed that they felt betrayed by Chen and the timing in which he chose to reveal the news.

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  1. This is ridiculous, seriously he is allowed to do what he wants with he’s life. He doesn’t owe anything to anyone he is already nice telling people about it instead of keeping it a secret. People need to mind their lives and their business and let others live theirs. Just be happy for God’s sake.

  2. I’m very confused as to why the K-EXO-L’s feel this way?!? Very confused…. I really want to know what they are thinking ?!?

  3. You know what. They dont deserve to be a fan of EXO. You had willingly spend your money on your idol, having dreams on him, and once your dreams shattered you are doing this stupid things???

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