JYP’s Dedication To Protecting Their Artists (TWICE & GOT7) From Harassment And Danger Gains Attention

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JYP Entertainment has been taking strict legal action to protect their artists and fans are impressed!

JYP has been releasing many statements over the past couple of days in relation to assuring that their artists are well-protected, fans and non-fans are impressed how fast they respond to fans’ requests and their artists’ requests as well.

Recently, TWICE Jihyo tripped over a fan while exiting the airport due to overcrowding, she had even sustained a minor injury as a result of the incident.

Shortly after the incident, JYP immediately released a statement to address fans’ continuous practices of invading their artists’ personal space.

JYP stated that Jihyo was hurt due to the excessive photography that took place on December 8. They also reminded fans that following artists after immigration inspection is officially prohibited according to the blacklist rules; this means that if caught they will be banned from seeing TWICE in activities like TV broadcasts.

They added,

“If this happens again, we may have to take strict legal action. We’re letting you know that we’re looking into legal options if this continues to occur.

All safety concerns are directly related to the safety of the artist as well as the fans and the public. Therefore, we ask you to please keep order at official appearances and refrain from doing anything that’s prohibited, such as following TWICE members on unofficial schedule.”

But that was not the only TWICE member who suffers due to obsessive behavior. The now infamous Nayeon stalker recently made announcements, he boasted about his plans to return to South Korea to meet and start dating Nayeon. His messages and obsessiveness worried fans who had been attempting to reach JYP. Luckily, JYP issued a statement as soon as the story went public.

They released an official statement to their website on December 9. They explained that they’re aware of the issue that is being spread on social media,

“We are requesting possible legal measures and will be placing more guards on the artist in question.”

They also asked for fans’ assistance, they asked for them to actively report about the issue, they assured fans they will always strive to make sure TWICE members are always protected.

But that’s not all, because again, JYP has returned with another statement on December 10, this time relating to GOT7 Youngjae most recent instagram post.

GOT7 Youngjae warned sasaengs to stop harassing him through his phone number; sasaengs had obtained his mobile phone number and had been calling and messaging him non-stop.

On December 10, JYP released a statement to their blog announcing their plans to take strict legal actions against the sasaengs who had been trying to personally contact Youngjae and/or those who spread his personal information.

JYP stated that they had discovered circumstances in which sasaengs had been illegally figuring out personal information and illegally trading and/or spreading them, as well as attempting to violate their artist privacy by constantly contacting them.

They stated,

“We announce that we will take all possible legal measures based on civil and criminal laws without leniency against the aforementioned illegal behaviors.”

They also asked for fans to help in actively reporting such issues to [email protected]

While no agency is perfect, it’s nice to see one that regularly updates fans regarding ongoing cases of harassment and privacy invasion.

Sasaengs behavior continues to escalate and the more popular the group is, the more extreme the sasaengs become. It’s sad that some people have no common sense and no boundaries when it comes to their idols.

What do you think of JYP’s responses?

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  1. I’m not sure what you mean by “impressed”. Ahgase have seen the exact same statement about protecting GOT7 for years now, copy/pasted. Nothing’s come of it. No one’s impressed.

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