JYP Trainees Reunite| ITZY Yeji And Lee Dae Hwi Talk About Reuniting 3 Years Later

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ITZY Yeji and Lee Dae Hwi shared their thoughts on reuniting together for the first time in three years!

On February 28, the two held a special V Live to greet fans as the special MCs of “M Countdown.”

In the broadcast, the two talked about reuniting for the first time in a long time and how they felt MCing for “M Countdown.”

About her first time being a special MC, Yeji said,

“I am very nervous right now. A great opportunity was given to me, so I will work hard today.”

Yeji then talked about meeting Lee Dae Hwi for the first time in three years, they used to be trainees at JYP together. Yeji said she was glad to see Lee Dae Hwi again after such a long time.

Lee Dae Hwi talked about being emotional watching ITZY’s winning encore stage, he said,

“I saw you guys crying while doing the encore and my heart hurt.”

Yeji also promised to cheer on Lee Dae Hwi who mentioned his pending return following Wanna One’s disbandment.

Check out their V Live broadcast here.

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