JYP Reveals Stray Kids’ Han Is Showing Symptoms Of Intermittent Psychological Anxiety

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JYP Entertainment has released a statement that’s worrying fans!

UPDATE: December 16

JYP Entertainment has released another statement, Han will also be absent from Stray kids fan signing event.

JYP released this statement on December 16, a day after revealing Han was experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

He will not be attending Stray Kids upcoming fan signing events on December 20, 21, and 26.

JYP explained that it was for the sake of Han’s speedy recovery!

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Earlier today, Stray Kids’ Han left his group fan sign early, fans were worried about his well-being.

JYP released two statements about Stray Kids’ Han health, they revealed that he is currently showing signs of intermittent psychological anxiety and thus, had to leave the fan sign earlier, JYP explained that it doesn’t affect the majority of his regular broadcast schedules and stages but he does feel extreme tension when surrounded by a large group of people.

JYP added that they will put their artists’ health above all else and will continue to make sure he receives adequate rest and treatment until his condition improves, his participation in upcoming schedules will be made after discussion with Han and the rest of Stray Kids members.

JYP revealed that Han is undergoing treatment and his members are also working hard to give him strength.

Following that statement, they released another one in which they explained Han will not be participating in the filming for the “2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which is scheduled for December 16.

Stays are worried about Han but are glad that he’s currently receiving treatment; they’re sending him messages of encouragement and support.

Wishing Han the best, we hope he recovers well.

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  1. Our squirrel will get well soon. You are a young and extremely talented boy. I’m a very new STAY and you are the most significant reason that made me stay. Lots of love and well wishes.

  2. Pls get well soon Han dont pressure yourself too much, Health is important. Stays will always be here for you and for the rest member of stray kids. I dont want you to leave stray kids, its really sad when Woojin oppa left but I know god has a good plan. Take care always

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