JYP Entertainment Responds To Reports Of TWICE’s Nayeon Stalker Coming To Korea, Jeongyeon Reveals He Got A Hold Of Her Phone Number

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JYP Entertainment has issued an initial response after it was revealed that TWICE’s Nayeon Stalker was flying to Korea.

Recently, media outlets reported that the stalker flew to Korea to give Nayeon her birthday gifts. Fans have voiced their concern with not much being done to stop the stalker as he enters Korea.

In response to the reports, JYP Entertainment issued an initial statement to reveal they’re currently discussing their official response with the related departments.

The latest video posted by the stalker shows him expressing his love for Nayeon and says he came all the way to South Korea to surprise her.

To make matters worse, Jeongyeon has since told fans he got a hold of her phone number.

In a message to Bubble where idols interact with fans, Jeongyeon expressed her worry at the fact that he got a hold of her number, she said, “He called me anyways, how did he know my number? Don’t worry, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

JYP Entertainment had previously filed for a restraining order against the stalker. The agency had also previously said he would be arrested if he entered Korea again, thus, many fans are wondering how he was able to bypass security.

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