JYP Moving Ahead With Another TWICE Comeback, But What About Mina? Is She Participating?

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It’s been revealed that JYP is preparing for TWICE comeback.

On August 8, news outlet SPOTV News reported that TWICE will be filming their comeback MV this week.

After the report went viral, JYP stepped up and confirmed the news, TWICE will film their upcoming comeback MV on August 9. JYP added,

“It’s true they’re preparing for a comeback but the exact timing hasn’t been decided on yet. It will be officially announced once its confirmed.”

The label kept a tight seal about Mina’s participation, its neither been confirmed she’ll participate in this comeback or its promotions. Fans theorize it’ll be extremely difficult for her to participate due to her health concerns.

Fans also recalled what happened on August 1st. Mina arrived in Seoul with her mother. JYP had clarified that Mina didn’t come for any particular schedule but many seem to believe her return to South Korea might have something to do with TWICE comeback.

There are other fans who believe this will be the first EVER TWICE comeback with eight members, which is something many are not happy about. ONCE have been critical of JYP sharing their thoughts following the comeback announcement, many asking to give the girls some rest.

Here are some of ONCE’s thoughts:

What do you personally think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I said this before and I’ll say it again, TWICE is what’s keeping JYP afloat. They’re the group that revived JYP. They make the most money out of all active JYP groups currently promoting.

If I look at it from a pure business perspective, the comeback was expected. If I look at from a humane perspective, this comeback feels rushed and could affect TWICE’s well-being.

Business is about making money, there is little no regard of human emotions while making business decisions. Those who excel at a business usually have to make difficult decisions for the sake of the company. I say this because many ONCE have been critical of JYP, while I do understand their concerns and agree with them, as someone who works in the business sector, TWICE is a business venture above all else and this is the result of a business decision.

TWICE are overworked and you can’t change my mind about that, Mina’s state is like that because she was overworked, comebacks after comebacks after comebacks. What did they expect? The human body can only handle so much.

Personally speaking, I think this comeback should be slightly delayed to accommodate for Mina’s return while also giving the members some well-needed rest. But we all know what’ll happen in real life.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I think the same tho… But, I can’t criticize JYP cause I think he has a reason for their new comeback. I just wish that he would give them a lot of time and vacation to rest and to have fun not minding about their schedules.

  2. boycotting is a good idea for the business side of things if you wanted to hurt it. artist side it is not, but that is the reason the company keep pushing artist to their limit because fans support them because of their hard work. so what we need to think is will we let the company continue their @&#*ing method or not. it is a personal choice a fan can do.

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