JYP continuous efforts to look out for his artists Jackson and Jihyo injuries gains attention

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JYP was recently under fire for their bad management of Got7 Jackson who was reportedly in a bad condition during a fanmeet in Seoul two days ago, but their reply to this issue alongside the issue of TWICE Jihyo is gaining fans love and respect.

My reaction to the news of Jackson’s vomiting and fainting on stage was pretty bad, I was not happy about how everything was handled, I didn’t think JYP would let it get this far before doing something about it.

Jackson’s schedule is a pretty heavy one indeed, you don’t need to be a huge got7 fan to know that, he has a big schedule outside Korea and travels back and forward all the time.

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Jackson was seen vomiting when leaving the fanmeet stage and his face was pale throughout the whole fanmeet, fans have also noticed how skinny he got.

After the news broke out JYP addressed it immediately and said that they’d be taking care of Jackson’s health better, they let fans know that he is doing better now, and said that he stayed throughout the fanmeet because he didn’t want to disappoint the fans, not because anyone forced him to do so.

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And today they issued another statement which made love them even more, they said:

“Jackson will not be participating in any scheduled activities from now until March 19. While a medical examination did not reveal anything out of the ordinary, Jackson will be taking a short break to focus on his health.”

“We apologize to any fans who were worried about Jackson and we will work our hardest to make sure Jackson returns to fans in good health.”

They even ended up apologizing for what had happened, I really liked how they phrased that, how they said they’re gonna work as hard as they can to insure Jackson stays healthy.

I liked that despite the group’s pending comeback and very heavy schedule that will be highly affected by Jackson’s absence, JYP still made the decision to have him skip a week of promotions.

This is not an easy decision, and if you’re a company that’s looking after money, the last thing you’d care about would be the idols health “you think its absurd”, we’ve seen that happen all the time.

Every month we see news of an idol passing out due to extreme fatigue/injury/collapsing, but it’s rare for the company to address the issue so directly, apologize and have the member rest enough.

I love how JYP knows when to stop, that accident was a wakeup call, I am glad he picked up the phone and answered properly.

And they also issued another statement, but it was about TWICE’s leader Jihyo, who has been suffering from knee problems “not specified”.

JYP stated:

“Jihyo brought to our attention that she was feeling pain in her knees. We took her to the hospital where it was confirmed her knees were in an abnormal condition and required treatment. We know resting is essential to recovery, so we are here to announce that Jihyo will halt all activities for the time being.

The health of our artists is of the greatest importantance to us, so we hope fans will understand the decision we have made. We will do our best to get Jihyo back to the best health condition.”

Another great example of an agency all other agencies need to follow, Jihyo is halting all activities and is to receive treatment and rest.

Jihyo is still a young girl, if her knee injury is so serious then it can affect her life forever, and quiet honestly nothing is worth it, not even your career is worth ruining your knees.

I am glad JYP also realized that and made the decision to not include Jihyo in any future activities of TWICE.

Of course this means that JYP will lose money because those idols are absent, both groups will have to re-schedule, adjust their chorography and much more to substitute the absence of both members, and that takes time and money and energy to get done “properly”.

Of course we can go around and blame JYP for overworking his idols but there is no way we can really predict what has happened behind the scenes, and sadly this is an idol life, if you’re lucky enough you get a busy schedule.

I am just glad that he put both idols’ health first, and allowed them to rest.

Jackson probably has fatigue, and a week of rest and sleep will do him good, as for Jihyo she will require more time in treatment, because its her knees and it’s a bigger issue.

I suspect that even if Jihyo was to return to TWICE activities she’ll be sitting throughout the majority of everything, any dancing would probably be forbidden.

But that’s still positive news, I love it when agencies value their artists and allow them to rest, huge respect goes out to JYP for doing the right thing, I wish more agencies would follow their lead.

So what do you guys think about this? Do you like JYP’s decision? Do you think he made the right decision?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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