JYJ Junsu Vents In Frustration About His Inability To Go On Korean TV for 9 Years, Says He Thought Of Quitting

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JYJ Junsu has recently made headlines for opening up about his struggles and moments of weakness.

On December 2, he held a solo concert which marks his first since his military discharge. Towards the end of the concert, he opened up about his frustration with his inability to appear on Korean TV.

He talked about how he felt uncertain about his future back during his farewell solo concert two years ago, and said,

“I am ashamed that I can only express my thanks with words.”

He talked about appreciating his fan base and talked about how much he was shocked that he had teenage fans, he said,

“Earlier, I said it was amazing there were teen fans. But there is a reason for that. because i realized that its not 7 years… after 7~9 years of not being seen on TV also counting that I had been in the military for 2 years, means I had no exposure for 9 years.

The only proper exposure I had was on EBS’s space empathy. that was the only time my songs got exposure.”

He also shared that he honestly doesn’t feel like a celebrity because he doesn’t appear on TV, he said,

“When I release an album, I am not able to sing my own songs on TV not even once.

So I wondered if I should go on like this… because people who dislike or hate me or judge me only by the results. I am okay with that, because it’s the path I chose.”

He also talked about the lawsuits they had against SM Entertainment, they had won all the lawsuits and he expressed his shock at the fact that even when they won those lawsuits they were still unable to appear on TV.

Through his speech to fans, he took pauses, sighed and tried to withhold his tears back.

he also talked about how people think he doesn’t appear on TV because he’s busy or doesn’t want to, he assured fans that its not because he doesn’t want to (avoiding it on purpose) but because he can’t.

He added,

“At the very least, when I have an album come out, even if its just once or twice I want to sing my songs on TV. I am not even dreaming about 1st place. That’s all I want but its hard.”

He also opened up about a time his self-esteem his rock bottom and revealed it was around January or February this year, he wanted to quit because he felt that he was giving his fans hard times and causing frustration by his inability to appear on TV.

He added that he doesn’t want to burden fans, he said,

“You don’t need to try so hard to make things happen for me. all you need to do is enjoy this moment. You don’t have to fight so hard for me. its too painful for me to see.”

You can check out the full clip below:

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