JYJ Jaejoong Pulls A Sick April’s Fools Prank Pretending To Have Tested Positive For COVID-19, Claims He Wanted To Raise Awareness

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After previously claiming he’s been infected with the coronavirus, Jaejoong backtracks and says it’s an April’s fool prank… (yup, you read that right)

An hour ago, Jaejoong topped trending topics in South Korea after revealing he’s been infected with COVID-19, a little less than an hour after his initial post, he edited the caption to clarify that he was pulling a prank on April’s fool’s day, the new caption reads,

“To have a loved one precious to you be infected with the virus? It’s a heartbreaking thing.

Despite that fact, there are many people roaming around the street acting as if it won’t ever happen to them, many people are worried about their family and loved ones who may fall ill because of such people.”

In his post, he goes to explain that people need to stop mistaking that the ones around them will remain safe, adding,

“This was too much for an April’s fool joke, but many people worried about me for a short period of time… this is definitely not something that only happens to other people!”

He ends his statement clarifying he wanted to tell other people that protecting themselves is important,

“I will accept all punishment for this post. I hope you’ll always stay healthy.”

The sick April Fool’s prank is infuriating netizens.

What do you think of this?


On April 1, Jaejoong took to his Instagram account to personally reveal he’s been diagnosed with COVID-19 (the coronavirus). In his post he admits that it all happened due to carelessness and for ignoring the government advice, adding,

“It’s a wonder how one person’s actions can affect the greater society… I feel apologetic towards those who could get infected because of me.

I’ve become like this because of my stupid decision. I am currently hospitalized and wrapped in feelings of gratitude and apology while reflecting on my past.

There is so much I want to say and so many people I want to see.”

Following his sudden announcement, his agency told news outlets they’re currently checking the facts and will update with an official statement shortly.


My personal thoughts

That was sick… it truly was…. I can’t even begin to comprehend how a 34-year-old man would think this does the trick to raise awareness. That’s something a 13-year-old tasteless boy would pull.

I had doubts when I first covered the story, but I could have never imagined he would actually pull such a prank at such challenging times. We’ve been dealing with this virus for 3 months and over 1 billion people are currently under quarantine, we know its serious, anyone with a fucking brain knows its serious.

You can do so much to raise awareness like donating to charities or holding live broadcasts sharing advice on how to wash hands and protect yourself, there is a lot you can do that will bring awareness to this issue. Its not like the virus is a mythical creature and no one’s taking it seriously. Plus, South Korea has had a track record in keeping this virus at bay, what are you talking about?

I am a huge fan of Jaejoong but I can’t defend him here and anyone who tries to has no backbone. I am disappointed and surprised….. smh

Whats your reaction to this article?

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