Junhyung Writes Apology Letter Announcing His Departure From Highlight

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As previously reported, former Highlight member Junhyung has departed his group after admitting to viewing illegally filmed footage given to him by Jung Joon Young.

His agency released a statement announcing his departure and explaining why they claimed the first SBS report was false. In his own statement, Junhyung wrote an apology to fans explaining his level of involvement in this matter, Admitting to his mistakes, he also announced his departure from Highlight.

Here is the full translated statement:

“Hello, this is Junhyung.

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to the members and all the fans who have had a hard time because of me the past few days.

I received a phone call from my company on March 11 after SBS 8 o’clock news broadcast asking me to confirm the facts, back then I didn’t really understand the point and only conveyed that I wasn’t in the chat room. The agency took my side and said ‘the press release is incorrect.’ I had misinterpreted it.

When I talked to the company about making my official statement, I told them the conversations were back in 2016 because I no longer had the chat conversation history with Jung Joon Young. I couldn’t confirm the date at that time; I apologize for having this added to the confusion of people.

At the end of 2015, the conversations with me and Jung Joon Young were on the next day after the drinking gathering I went to, after going home the next day I asked him how he was doing and he said that he got caught filming illegal footage and I replied with ‘caught by her?’

I never received a video on that kakao conversation but I received other videos. We also had inappropriate conversations about it. All of these behaviors were so immoral and I was stupid. I am at fault for not treating it as a big deal without thinking this was a crime and a criminal act.

Yesterday, I went to be questioned by police as a witness on the issue. I talked about everything I know without lies and fully cooperated with the investigation. I was also able to see exactly what conversations I had with him in the past, I was embarrassed and felt horrified.

I have never committed a criminal act such as taking pictures or spreading them. In addition, starting from the end of 2016, I have only kept a relationship with Jung Joon Young in such a way that I only greeted him every once and a while.

However, although I knew what was happening during that time, I thought it wasn’t a big deal and acted at ease. I was acquiescent to this serious matter and my actions may have led to more victims suffering.”

He ended his statement apologizing to fans once again; he announced his departure from the group to protect the members and the fans. He said,

“I realize the seriousness of this issue and I don’t want to inflict any further damage to my fans and members who have been disappointed by me.”


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  1. I feel just like you. I’ve been following Beast/Highlight for years and when I heard about Junhyung being involved I hoped it was just a false rumor. Now I’m angered. I thought he was a decent, honest person and the truth felt like a slap in the face. You cannot be a good person if you know about an issue like this and not only you don’t report it, you even make who knows what kind comments about it with the man who sent it to you. It’s so disgusting. I’m so done with him.

  2. I feel the same as you. I’ve been following beast/highlight my whole life since their debut. T know this is like getting betray by the person you trust and love. Not to mention junhyung songs touch my heart the most. The harsh reality of Kpop horrified me. I hope he will get judge for his crime especially jungjunyoung.

  3. I’m understand they famous, but it’s not exclusion for the criminals thing they doing. They have to face the law , like a “ regular person “ for the crimes they committed

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