Junho Explains Why All 2PM Members Decided To Resign With JYP Entertainment

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A couple of days ago, it was revealed that 5 of the 6 2PM members have renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment for the second time.

All except for Taeyceon, who’s currently serving the military and will discuss his contract once he’s done with his military service.

The idol-actor sat down for an interview recently and discussed the brotherly relationship between 2PM members and why they renewed their contract, he said,

“All of 2PM members have agreed that we should stick together forever as 2PM no matter what. This makes me really happy.”

He also revealed that they went into discussion with the idea that whatever happens they would still be 2PM forever.

Junho opened up about 2PM being the first artist to re-resign with JYP Entertainment, he said,

“In fact, it’s a re-renewal of our contracts. 2PM is the first to do that, and I liked the idea that were the first to do so.

Over the past 10 years, we watched JYP mature and grow, we also seen how it used to be and we felt comfortable at home.

We also have a hyung-dongsang relationship with the executives. This is important and great we’ve been through so much together and we feel comfortable around the CEO that we don’t have problem complaining to him directly.

We can’t behave badly around Park Jin Young but we do that with CEO Jung Wook. We also express it when we’re not happy with each other. This is why it was so easy to renew our contracts.

Its was most important that the members stayed together.”

He also talked about the group’s dynamic and whether they’d been a fight, he said,

“Amazingly, although we argue sometimes, but it never reached the level of actual fight. We have that kind of respect and love for each other. Of course, we used to fight in the past but now I can’t remember that. All the members are considerate and patient.”

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