Jung Joon Young Swarmed By Reporters At The Airport, Polices Books Him And Bans Him From Leaving The Country

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Jung Joon Young has finally returned to South Korea, he was welcomed by a huge crowd of reporters who were there to capture his return and possibly ask him some questions in relation to the recent accusations made against him.

As previously reported, SBS’s 8 O’Clock News broadcast on March 11 revealed that singer Jung Joon Young was one of the members in the chatrooms with Seungri and other male singers.

According to the report, illegally taken footage of hidden camera have been shared in various chatrooms. The report also states there are other celebrities in the chatrooms who engaged in conversations with Jung Joo Young about the alleged illegally taken footage. According to SBS, Jung Joon Young shared allegedly illegally taken videos and photos in different instances.

Upon his return, he was booked on the accusations of secretly taking videos of sexually activities with various females, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed in a statement to the press.

However, unlike what netizens want, the police added they cannot reveal the identity of the other suspects (among them are idols) to the press. According to the police, he and others were booked on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes.

This means that Jung Joon Young will be treated as a suspect in future investigations. He was not arrested on the spot but the police asserted they plan on questioning him this week; he is now prohibited from leaving the country as well.

He had been filming for his variety show and upon the report release; his agency confirmed he would be returning immediately to address the reports.

Since then he has been removed from the three variety shows he had been in.

In the airport, reporters gathered and caused a serious overcrowding situation. Various Korean news outlets shared footage of his arrival to the airport. He was swarmed by reporters and hit in the face accidentally as he attempted to walk towards his car. He only said to reporters, “I am sorry” but didn’t comment on the serious allegations.

Check out Korean news outlets coverage of his arrival:

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