Jung Joon Young Attempted to Destroy Evidence from his Phone?  

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Singer Jung Joon Young is under suspicion of attempting to destroy evidence, TV Chosun reports on March 22nd. 

The singer has been placed under detention after his arrest warrant had been approved. He apologized once again to the public and promised to sincerely cooperate and answer diligently.  

However, TV Chosun reports that police suspect he had attempted to destroy evidence in one of the three phones he handed to the police. 

One of the phones has been set to factory default settings and all its data were deleted. The police were unable to recover the data from one of his phones. 

When the court approved of his arrest warrant on March 21st, it was stated that one of the reasons was concern regarding the destruction of evidence. The phones hold significant key evidence.  

The police will be looking into the time and reason for the phone reset.  

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