[BREAKING] Jung Joon Young And Choi Jong Hoon Finalized Prison Sentence Revealed By The Supreme Court

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Jung Joon Young And Choi Jong Hoon’s prison sentences will not change!

Back in November, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Jung Joon Young to six years in prison and Choi Jong Hoon to five years in prison for charges including aggravated rape (i.e., rape that involves two or more perpetrators). Both the defendants and the prosecution filed for appeals and it results in getting their sentencing shortened.

The new sentencing was revealed back in May of 2020, the Seoul High Court reduced Jung Joon Young’s prison sentence to five years and Choi Jong Hoon’s prison sentence was reduced to two years and six months. Again, both defendants appealed the ruling which meant the case had to brought to the Supreme court.

On September 12, the Supreme Court dismissed their appeal upholding the original sentences. They explained that there was no violation of any legal principles in the original ruling and this was the reason why the appeal was dismissed.

Thus, Jung Joon Young will be sentenced to jail for five years, while Choi Jong Hoon will be jailed for two years and six months.

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