“Human Disqualification” Aka “Lost” Ending Explained

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JTBC’s “Lost” [also known as Human Disqualification] has come to an end last night and the ending has fans wondering what happened so here is an explanation.

JTBC’s “Lost” aka Human Disqualification has wrapped up its run with an open bittersweet ending, I am here to discuss what happened and my thoughts on it.

Does Lee Chang-Sook pass away?

Lee Chang-Sook who is Bu Jeong’s father sadly passes away due to a cardiac arrest early on in the episode. His daughter is utterly heartbroken. Jin Jung-Soo and his mother are equally devastated and can’t stop crying when they find out he’s passed away at the hospital.

Kang Jae finds out he’s passed away a couple of days later. He texts Bu Jeong saying, ‘I don’t know what to say, I just found out about what happened to your father…’

Does Jin Jung-Soo find out about Bu Jeong and Kang Jae’s relationship?


Yes, he does. On two stages. The first stage in which he sees that Kang Jae has messaged her after the funeral procession ended. He recognizes the number as the stand-in service guy and remembers he’s their neighbor too.

Despite seeing the message, he doesn’t mention a thing to her. However, as they go to bed. Bu Jeong personally admits it to him. She tells him she’s found someone she likes.

She recalls him telling her about seeing his ex last year, she says she finally understands why he did it. He liked her and wanted to tell someone that but he couldn’t say it to the person he’s liked.

Jin Jung-Soo is heartbroken to hear this and barely stops his tears. He assures her he loves her a lot and is ready to give her everything she ever wants including his heart and eyes. She says she knows he loves her and they would both sacrifice themselves for each other adding, ‘we just fell out of love.’ He asks her what they should do, she tells him, ‘I don’t know, but I wanted to say I like him. When he asks whether she’s told him she loves him, her answer is no.

did Jin Jung-Soo and Kyung-Eun end up together?

No, they didn’t throughout the course of the last episode [we’ll get into theories shortly]. When she finds out his father-in-law passed away, she wants to go see him but she recalls what he said about his wife, she decides not to show up there.

Did Lee Soon-Ju and Kang Min-Jung start dating?

Yes. One day, Kang Min Jung asks Lee Soon-Ju about how they should earn money, she also asks him if she can spend his money. He says ‘yes, for sure.’ She basically tells him to also spend her money that she’ll earn and says he should only have eyes for her signaling that they should start dating.

Later in the drama, you can see they have started dating and are head over heels for each other.

Did Soon-Kyu and Woo-Nam end up together?

Yes. Woo-Nam tells Soon-Kyu he’s moving away from her house next week. He says he’s not giving up but he feels shame for being by her side like that without any commitment, it just doesn’t feel right in his eyes. He will leave but will continue to date her, go out with her, and make her fall in love with him and want to be with him.

Did Bu Jeong and Jin Jung-Soo get a divorce?

It appears so but they didn’t get a divorce during the run time of the last episode. They both decided to work it out towards the end of the episode, it appears. However, if you look closely at the last scenes of the drama, you can notice that Bu Jeong doesn’t have her ring on her finger which could signal the fact that they’ve attempted to work it out but failed.

While it is safe to say the marriage didn’t end in divorce right before our eyes, the drama hints at the possibility of it.

Did Bu Jeong and Kang Jae end up together?

We can’t definitely say yes or no, but….. In the last episode, she avoids answering him. She also deletes their conversations and also deletes his phone number. It appears she no longer wants to keep in contact with him and he finds out Ae Ran has threatened her too, he’s told by his former boss to let it go because she’s married.

However, in the last scene of the drama, they both see a constellation festival ad and both attend it recalling their memories with each other.

The drama hints at the rekindling of their romance. We can assume that Bu Jeong tried to make things work with her husband but failed.

Bu Jeong and Kang Jae stumble upon each other at the theatre. They both give each other a look that says ‘I love you and I missed you.’

The end.

JTBC’s “Lost” ending review- final thoughts


Guys… the last episode…. It hurts… a lot…

“Lost” has been a mixed bag, I’ll tell you that. But there is beauty in it if you’re willing to stick it out and remain patient. I can’t say I have always been that but I do get both sides of viewers. I understand whether you liked it or hated it.

I still have issues with its script, stemming from the fact that it didn’t need to be this long, but despite that, I do realize there is a lot of beauty in it. I think it would’ve been so much more hyped and appreciated had it been shorter. The topics it tackled are definitely difficult to swallow which drives away a portion of viewers, and understandably so, because some people will feel even worse watching this if they’re already in a bad place. Its definitely not a drama I would recommend to everyone.

I loved loved the last episode, I think it was the perfect ending for this story. I liked how maturely this drama was handled till the very end.

“Lost” has things to say and they’re still quite interesting.

I cried a couple of times watching this episode, the father’s death was heartbreaking, to say the least.

What got me was the last scenes between Bu Jeong and her husband, when she told him she liked Kang Jae, I could see right through the screen just how much in pain he was. I cried when she said that. I had to pause.

Jung Soo wasn’t perfect and he was never portrayed either way, I won’t deny he f*cked up at all but I still liked his character. I could see he struggles with Bu Jeong. Bu Jeong is also a flawed human. Some will say he cheated first… [cue the arguments] but I still think he cares deeply for her hence his admission to the cheating to her so early on.

I loved their conversation together at the bed. One of the best and most raw conversations in kdramaland, EVER. The level of maturity in which this was handled is… just amazing. There are no words that could convey how much I loved the writing for this scene. It wasn’t blame, but acceptance and love, they still care for each other but they’re not in love like that anymore. This is so heartbreaking.

I loved how the screenwriter didn’t try to make you hate or love any character too hard. Their actions spoke for them and those actions were nuanced as most human actions are. Now its up to each one to decide for themselves who to blame, who should be happy and who should be punished.

I’d like to think that Bu Jeong finds happiness with Kang Jae and for Jung Soo to also find happiness with Kyung Eun. Call me a delusional hopeful but they all suffered so much and deserve happiness, at heart, none of them were bad people, they made mistakes and they paid the price. As long as they’re willing to take accountability for their own actions and act maturely, I really can’t complain, no one is perfect.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Dear Mrs. Jass K. , thanks for giving a summary about the probably personal relation future of each character. I am writing to thank your explanation, because I didn´t understand the end of this “Lost” Serie . Therefore ,I really enjoyed reading your opinion. In Addition I would like to ask : whos is the music producer name of each episode? Each episode had great music.

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