JTBC Ignores Big Hit Demand Of An Apology Following Viral Report That Alleged BTS Had Issues With Big Hit

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JTBC caused a huge mess last night with a report they posted.

On JTBC ‘News Room,’ it was reported that BTS was seeking legal advice because of profit distribution issues with Big Hit. The report painted the situation as if BTS is having issues with their agency Big Hit.

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Following the report, Big Hit initially released a simple statement denying that it is in any shape or form true. However, the report continued to be circulated and has since gone viral; it was reported by every media outlet and even reached Western media outlets which caused damage to Big Hit reputation.

In the early hours of December 10, Big Hit issued a detailed rebuttal of everything JTBC reported on. In their long statement, Big Hit explained in full details exactly what happened and how damaging the report of JTBC had been. A to Soompi, they stated,

“The media wrote reports using negative terms such as ‘differences in position,’ ‘conflict,’ and more to make it seem like the agency and BTS are having a serious dispute. We would like to express deep regret over the reports that seem to be encouraging conflict.”


“JTBC made exaggerated claims without checking the facts properly. They not only tried to link the agency with completely unrelated issues, but they also showed conduct that makes us question if they are indeed a media outlet that strictly follows journalistic code of ethics.”

They ended their statement with,

“No matter what JTBC’s intentions were when reporting the claim, the reports are not true. JTBC exaggerated part of the content and reported it as if it were true, and the agency and BTS have been harmed by the reports linking us to unrelated issues. We believe that JTBC released reports without following even the most basic of procedures and demand a sincere apology and response from JTBC.”

Naturally, following such a detailed statement, fans had been expecting some sort of response from JTBC, however, to their surprise nothing showed in today’s episode of the same show that created so many issues for Big Hit.

It is unknown if the show will ever respond to Big Hit demands of an apology or how will Big Hit deal with the situation if JTBC refuses to apologize.

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What do you think of the situation?

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