[BREAKING] Jimin Officially Leaves AOA And Halts Entertainment Activities

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FNC Entertainment has announced that Jimin has decided to leave AOA!

On July 5, FNC Entertainment has finally broken their silence with a short statement to the press announcing that AOA’s leader Jimin has decided to quit her group and halt all of her entertainment activities.

This comes after former AOA member Mina exposed Jimin for bullying her for 10 years during her time with the group, she made many shocking claims about Jimin and even claimed that she told FNC about the issue but they had done nothing.

Last night, Jimin and the rest of AOA members showed up at Mina’s home to apologize to her, however, the situation escalated with Jimin issuing an apology on July 4 that many deemed terrible and insufficient in comparison to the pain she caused Mina.

In their statement to the press, FNC apologized to fans for ‘causing concern to many people through the recent events,’ and promised to manage their artists better in the future.

“In addition, we accept responsibility for the entire situation and we promise to put our efforts to manage our artists better in the future. Once again, we apologize for causing concern through these unfortunate events.”

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