Netizens Absolutely Shocked By The Spelling Mistake In LED Billboard Prepared To Celebrate BTS J-Hope’s Solo Debut

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About the worst spelling mistake a fan club can make has happened and k-netizens are absolutely shocked.

Recently, a Chinese fanclub of J-Hope called ‘Hope Uranus’ [this is their actual name] posted about the recent LED Billboard advertisement they had purchased to celebrate J-Hope’s Solo Debut. Unfortunately, the message had the worst spelling mistake one can possibly make.

Instead of the word rapper plastered over videos of J-Hope, the word ‘r*per’ was written.

The mistake soon caught the attention of not only ARMY but also other fandoms, k-netizens took to various social media platforms to express their thoughts on the situation. Many ARMY are asking fandoms to double-check spelling especially if English is not their native language.

The advertisement is reportedly being withdrawn after various fans complained about the situation to the fan club that organized the LED Advertisement.

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