Jessica Talks About Her Idol Life In Her 20s, Says She Couldn’t Relax And Cried A lot

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The former Girls Generation member opens up about her life as an idol back in her 20s.

In a recent interview, Jessica talked about her life in the limelight for the past 10 years, the idol will turn 30 this year. About her rough time during the past 10 years she said,

“I still remember all the ‘firsts’ I experienced for the past 10 years. I used to live on a competitive edge during my 20s, this is why I struggled and couldn’t relax and used to cry a lot.”

Regarding her upcoming 30s, the idol said,

“For the next 10 years I would like to laugh and experience more good things.”

Despite her difficult life as a former girl group member, Jessica says she doesn’t regret anything, she noted,

“If you count the years I spent as a trainee, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 17 years, yet I don’t regret any of the decisions I made so far, but I still have a lot to learn.”

She revealed what kind of things she’d like to try next, she said,

“I would like to try all sort of new thing, I don’t want to be known for one thing only, I would like to do well in variety of things.”

Nevertheless, she says she still feels the happiest when singing on stage, she added,

“I am the happiest person when I am doing music.”

Despite all the hardships Jessica went through she hopes that she can continue to be do what she loves and be a ‘cool unnie’ who people respect.

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