Jessi Praises NCT’s Mark For Being An All-Rounder And Says He’s Caught Her Attention

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Jessi is also a fan of NCT’s Mark.

Among the many talented kpop idols in this industry, one name is often mentioned when people discuss all-arounders, idols who possess everything from looks, stage presence and personality to talent, and often you hear NCT’s Mark name listed in the discussion.

Recently, Jessi held a live broadcast and chatted with fans, during the broadcast she specifically mentioned Mark. She said,

“You know who’s really good? Honestly, it’s really hard for me to keep up with everyone, but Mark really stood out to me. He’s really talented. I remember him on ‘High School Rapper’ when he came out. But that dude is a natural talent. He’s really good.”

You can check out the video clip where she talks about him below!

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