Jeongyeon Explains Why She’s The Only TWICE Member Without Any Fancams For “MORE & MORE” Comeback Stages

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ONCE were furious at broadcasting stations for uploading all of TWICE members’ fancams except for Jeongyeon.

The fandom has been mass-emailing and tweeting at JYP, Mnet and SBS asking them to film Jeongyeon and to release her fancams.

However, it appears that this act wasn’t intentionally done to harm Jeongyeon but quite the opposite.

Jeongyeon has personally explained to fans why she has no fancams in a recent V Live broadcast. During the broadcast, she talked about feeling numbness that went all the way to her ears; she felt that while filming for “MORE & MORE” music video. She ended up visiting the hospital and the doctors told her she had a herniated disc in her neck.

Jeongyeon added,

“We found that out a week before the comeback. I was in the hospital too, and really wasn’t able to practice much for this comeback; I could hardly practice at all.”

She then explained how she and JYP had discussions with the networks and they had agreed not to film fancams of her,

“I didn’t want to show ONCE an imperfect performance, I hated the thought of it. ONCE, you understand how I feel, right?

After discussing with the company, we asked the networks for their understanding and talked to them about not filming fancams of me.”

Jeongyeon said she felt sorry to the fans and the network staff since there were people blaming those networks for discriminating and mistreating Jeongyeon. Jeongyeon also added that she’s feeling a lot better and had visited the hospital recently too.

We’re glad that the misunderstanding has been resolved.

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