Jeon Somi’s Agency Reveals The Idol’s Official Solo Debut Date

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Jeon Somi’s agency The Black Label has finally confirmed the idol’s debut date!

The agency released a statement on February 25, in the statement they revealed that the former I.O.I member will be making her solo debut on May 1st a little over two months from now.

It has also been previously revealed that producer Teddy is working on her debut track. Recording for the track has finished, she is now preparing to shoot the music video.

Teddy produced many hits for female artists such as Sunmi and most recently BLACKPINK Jennie hit title track “SOLO.”

Are you excited?

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My Thoughts

Well… its really really far away from now, they’re building up hype which is understandable!

I am anticipating the track. I am also curious about how she’ll do and whether she’ll become a hit or not. Many of the former I.O.I members aren’t as popular as they used to be when they were together as a group together, with the exception of Chungha and Chaeyeon, I see the girls struggling to find their foot in the industry despite the initial hype.

She has a rough path ahead of her and some have high expectations, there are others who also believe she’s not fit to be a soloist. It’ll be tough to please the crowd.

I wish her the best of luck!

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  1. Why did they push her debut to May? I previously heard that it was supposedly to be this April or March. Are they scared that she won’t shine coz many groups will have comebacks and many are also attempting to hold debuts? If they can really see a star potential in her she’ll shine no matter how many groups or soloist is on her way. And seriously? Creating a hype already? G-IDLE even hit it good without too much hype. They just did promotions the easy way. Even Kang Daniel isn’t creating too much fuss right now but still being recognized.

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