Jellyfish Confirms VIXX’s Hyuk’s Departure, To Continue Promoting With Group Activities Regardless

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Jellyfish Entertainment has confirmed VIXX’s Hyuk departure from their agency.

On June 2, VIXX’s Hyuk announced the news via a handwritten letter to fans announcing his departure from the agency that he’s been with for the past 10 years since his debut.

On June 8, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed the news via an official statement announcing they have agreed not to renew his contract, however, he will remain a part of VIXX and will continue to promote as part of it in the future.

They expressed their gratitude to Hyuk who remained with them for 10 years and thanked fans who have also supported him through the years.

Hyuk debuted as part of VIXX in 2012 and has also been active as an actor appearing in various projects recently.

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