Jay Park Praised For Halting Show After Fan Passes Out During Performance

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A recent video of Jay Park has gone viral on social media!

On July 23, Jay Park performed at the Daegu Stadium as part of the 2022 Waterbomb Festival. During the performance of his one of his songs, he noticed a fan passing out in the crowd. He quickly stopped the music, and pointed at the section to ask if a person had passed out. Jay Park continued to interact with fans asking them to step out if they feel dehydrated or dizzy. He asked people to take care of one another.

Jay Park then resumed performance after the situation was resolved.

The next day, Jay Park took to his Instagram stories to share a message to fans. He talked about being grateful to the people who attended his performance at Daegu. He said, ‘be healthy, happy and go home safely. Also, I have heard the person who collapsed had regained consciousness and got better. Fighting!’

Jay Park is being praised for his attentiveness and kind action.

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