Jay Park Personally Addresses The Hate He And Idols Received For His “GANADARA” Dance Challenge

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Jay Park has personally responded to the slew of hate he’s been receiving after collaborating with various kpop idols on “GANADARA” Dance Challenge.

“GANADARA” is the latest song by Jay Park, it features IU. The song has been doing tremendously well on Korean charts, its topping many charts and was close to achieving a perfect-all-kill.

As it goes with Kpop these days, many promote their songs as ‘dance challenges,’ kpop idols show support for each other with such dance challenges.

Jay Park has done collaborative dance videos with many K-Pop idols including (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon and Hoshi, ATEEZ‘s Mingi, Kang Daniel, and GOT7‘s Jay B.

However, the comments on those videos were mixed at best, with many of the idol’s fans’ bringing up Jay Park’s past and recent controversies. Many have been discussing whether their idol was forced to do it, some expressed their displeasure while seeing the videos considering Jay Park’s many controversies.

The situation got to a certain point after Jay Park posted a video with ATEEZ‘s Mingi. Mingi also posted selfies with him prompting his fans to leave comments such as, ‘no, not Jay Park, ‘Mingi, blink twice if you need help,’ ‘save mingi,’ ‘let me save you’ and more. For the record, Mingi is a huge fan of Jay Park and had previously cited him as one of his role models.

Jay Park ended up responding to the hate he’s been receiving, he tweeted,

Do you think the hate is deserved or not?

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