Member Of Famous Korean Band Booked For Assaulting A Woman Who Rejected Him, Leaves The Group

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Jannabi drummer Yoon Kyul has been booked for assault and is no longer part of his group.

On November 24, Channel A reported that Yoon Kyul was currently undergoing investigation at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station after being charged with assaulting a woman. The details gained massive attention from netizens.

Yoon Kyul was said to be attending an acquaintance’s wedding reception on November 20 when he approached a woman and attempted to speak to her, when she ignored him, he reportedly hit her multiple times on the back of her head. Other people claim Yoon Kyul threw around things and caused a scene.

Yoon Kyul had returned to the band after finishing his military service recently.

In response to the reports, Jannabi’s agency Peponi Music released a statement in which they explain that although Yoon Kyul has been promoting with the band, he’s technically not under a contract with them.

“We are also quite baffled because the stories we heard from Yoon Kyul were different from what was reported on the news.

Previously, all of our agency staff and Jannabi members have always warned Yoon Kyul not to do this kind of shameful incident as described in what was reported today. We’re unable to hide our disappointment.

Before serving as a social service worker, our contract with Yoon Kyul had already been terminated due to the expiration of the contract with Jannabi, and after completing his service, he did not renew his contract and participated as a guest in the schedules that followed.

Although he is not a member of Jannabi under the contract now, we once again express our regret over this shameful incident.”

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