Jamie Calls Out Her Boyfriend Goo Min Chul For Allegedly Cheating On Her With 4 To 5 Women

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Singer Jamie has shared a post accusing her boyfriend Goo Min Chul of allegedly cheating on her.

On the morning of January 23, Jamie took to her Instagram and shared stories where she savagely accused her boyfriend of allegedly cheating on her, writing in English, “When you find out ur bf is a cheater:) I love it. He doesn’t know yet. But he’s definitely getting out of my life. Did you have fun with 4-5? other girls babe Oh I’m gonna make a good f*cking song about it 🙂 Don’t bash him, please. It’s just him.”

Although she did not clarify whom it was about, many fans speculated that it was a revelation about Goo Min Chul’s conduct, with whom she had been in a public romantic relationship. Jamie also deleted the couple’s photos taken with Goo Min Chul on her official SNS.

In this regard, Goo Min Chul has yet to express his position. Goo Min Chul released a photo of a ski resort date with her on social media on the afternoon of January 22 before Jamie made this post. The two are sitting side by side on a ski lift and taking pictures with friendly poses.

On November 20 last year, Jamie and Goo Min Chul formally announced that they are dating by posting couple photos with each other on their respective social media. Since then, on December 25 last year, additional photos of Jamie kissing Goo Min Chul on the cheek on Christmas were released.

Jamie appeared on SBS survival program “K-Pop Star” season 1 in 2012 with her real name Park Ji Min and signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment after winning the championship. She made her debut with Baek Yerin as a duo 15& and devoted herself to solo artist activities.

After completing her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in 2019, she moved to Warner Music Korea and continued her solo career, receiving love from domestic and foreign fans. In January this year, she announced a new move by announcing termination of her exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea.

While, Goo Min Chul made his name known by appearing on Channel A’s entertainment show “The Iron Squad Season 2.”

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