J-Hope Admits He’s Not Confident Enough To Do Collaborations, Here Is Why

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The talented BTS member has opened up about his thoughts on collaborations in a recent V Live broadcast.

On January 28, J-Hope greeted fans through about a one hour long V Live broadcast, he chatted with fans, listened to music and so much more.

During the broadcast, he listened to Suga’s new collaboration single with singer Lee So Ra which was produced by Epik High Tablo. The track was well received and topped many major real-time charts shortly after its release.

J-Hope had nothing but praise to say about “Song Request,” he describes the song as,

“It has the perfect vibe for the season; Suga hyung rap is so good. I love the song.”

While listening to the song with fans he commented on the topic of collaborations when asked if he’d be collaborating with someone soon, he said,

“Well… me, its something that I think about. How should I explain this? It feels like I haven’t proven myself yet. I thought my mixtape will serve as my business card but it wasn’t everything. So if there’s the opportunity then I am up for it.

I want to work on many different projects; I also want to work with great artists.

At the same time, anxiety certainly plays some role. Initially, I was focused on my dance performances, and then I started working on making songs. I have some thoughts that the depth of understanding about music [for me]… I still lack skills on that front, so I tend to avoid those works.

I still believe I am not fully prepared.

When it comes to collaborative works, I think I can do it well but I still feel like I am not ready yet. So there is that fear.”

J-Hope also added that he feels inspired by the other members’ work and it makes him want to do better and collaborate with artists, he also talked about how he feels that his true rivals and good competitors are his members, adding,

“I am so lucky to have them!”

How do you feel about this?

You can check out the full V Live broadcast here.

My Thoughts

I have a lot of respect for BTS members as individuals!

Personally speaking, I didn’t like J-Hope’s recent title track of his mixtape, it wasn’t my taste. Since I am no expert, I don’t expect my taste to dictate others preference so I’ll leave it there.

The reason I covered this story, besides the fact that I found interesting, is that I find BTS members self-critical and I like that. For people who found immense success, its very easy to lose sight of reality, to disconnect. Part of the reason people love BTS is the fact that they’re relatable and stayed true to themselves despite the immense amount of success, money, and fame they found.

I like how J-Hope phrased his worries about collaborations, I like that he believes he has shortcomings he needs to work and is comfortable enough sharing that with his fans in a way that doesn’t diminish his strength points or how hard he worked on himself so far.

I find that admirable!

I am glad J-Hope talked about this and I wish to hear a collaboration track of him and an artist one day. Fighting!

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  1. i agree with Erin. J Hope is an extremely talented si ger dancer & song writer. I hope he can find the confidence in himself that we have already found in him.

  2. I’m a huge BTS Army but that doesn’t mean I like every single song written by BTS! That’s because I my own taste. That is what makes people unique! For people who don’t like kpop or BTS I get it, they have different musical tastes! It’s not a crime lol

  3. Unlike the rest of the rap line J-hope has come from a dancing background and he had no experience in rapping or songwriting. Yet he is doing so well in both fields now after working so hard. However he still isn’t as experienced as Suga and RM so his anxiety and nervousness is something that is understandable. I, personally, think he is super talented and is such a hard worker because of that he has come so far. Obviously he is not ready for taking part is projects like collars just yet and that something that we should respect. We should wait for whenever he is ready because I am sure whatever he releases in the future will be amazing whether it is a collab or not!!!

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