[BREAKING] IZ*ONE Comeback Has Been Postponed + Comeback Showcase Cancelled

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The fallout from the ongoing police investigation into the alleged voting rigging controversy against Mnet is reaching new heights!

Last night, SBS reported that PD Ahn Joon Young (who worked on all Produce series) had admitted to manipulating the rankings of “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101” during police questioning. This could mean that there are currently X1 and IZ*ONE members who got into their groups through rigging taking the spots of others who earned it through fair and square voting.

As expected, netizens were extremely harsh and critical following SBS report. Initially and on November 7, IZ*ONE’s agency, Off the Record Entertainment, stated in a press release that the group’s showcase which was planned for November 11 has been ultimately canceled.

The showcase they’re talking about is the press event in which members dance to their newest title track and answer reporters’ questions. The label didn’t elaborate on the exact reason but both netizens and Korean media were speculating that it had to with PD Ahn Joon Young recent admissions.

In their initial press release, the group comeback was supposed to proceed as normal. However, that soon changed.

The second statement was released by Mnet Japan who announced that the broadcast of IZ*ONE’s comeback show “COMEBACK IZ*ONE BLOOM*IZ” has been ultimately cancelled as well. It was supposed to be broadcasted to fans throughout the world but it was postponed as well.

Later, Mnet came back with another statement angering fans, they announced that the comeback has been postponed and that the release of their full album has also been postponed, and the reason is stated to be in consideration of fans’ and viewers opinions,

“After carefully reviewing the opinions of viewers and fans.”


Originally,  IZ*ONE were scheduled to come back with their first studio album, “BLOOM*IZ,” on November 11 at 6 p.m. KST.

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