IZ*ONE And X1 Are Not Attending 2019 MAMA Due To The Vote-Rigging Controversy

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After speculations, Mnet finally issued an official statement angering fans even more.

Previously, Mnet announced that IZ*ONE was a part of the 2019 MAMA lineup, X1 wasn’t yet announced as part of the lineup but many were waiting for their participation announcement.

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Due to the ongoing rigging controversy and the investigation into all four seasons of Produce series, both groups have been under scrutiny.

Mnet received immense backlash for their poor handling of the controversy. PD Ahn Joon Young admitted to the manipulation of the results of “Produce 48” and “Produce X 101” earlier in the month, both IZ*ONE and X1 activities were put on hold, they’re currently resting.

On November 26, Mnet released an official statement, they revealed that neither IZ*ONE nor X1 will be attending the 2019 MAMA. They apologized to fans for causing concern.

IZ*ONE comeback was also indefinitely delayed due to the ongoing controversy. The future of both groups is uncertain. Fans are upset and worried about both groups who suffered the consequences of Mnet actions.

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  1. I really believe this is just totally getting out of hand. Why, are they being punished for the corruption their companies, and Others created? I believe there’s more to this then votes being rigged. This is just my opinion, but both groups were at the verge of maybe surpassing some of the bigger groups in the industry, and people didn’t want that to happen. Being from the US, I may not understand the whole situation, but I just can’t see a company wanting to disband groups that they know can made more money for them. I hope this ends soon, cause I LOVE X1 ❤️ and want to hear more from them. Also I would love to see them here in the US. Like the other groups in LA. I don’t know what it’s going to take for all this hate to stop, but I’m praying for both groups to STAND TALL AND DON’T LET HATE PUSH THEM OUT.

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