IVE Records One Million Album Sales On Hanteo

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IVE has become a million-seller with their third single “After LIKE.”

According to the Circle Chart on September 1, IVE recorded sales of 1,081,201 copies with “After Like” released on August 22, becoming a million seller as well as recording its own best album sales. This is the highest sales among new groups that debuted this year since last year.

As of August 27, IVE’s first single “ELEVEN” recorded sales of 381,883 copies, and the second single “Love Dive” recorded 713,232 copies, recording a total of 2,176,316 cumulative sales with just three singles released.

The record-breaking of “After Like” began on the first day of its release. According to Hanteo Chart, a music sales website, sales exceeded 460,000 copies on the first day alone, surpassing 338,141 copies of the second single “LOVE DIVE” in one day. During the initial period, the total sales reached 924,363 copies, three times more than the previous one, achieving half a million sellers. This is also the best initial record among rookies who debuted from 2021 to 2022.

With the new album, IVE topped the daily Hanteo Chart four times during the initial period, reaching the top of the music chart in the fourth week of August, showing its overwhelming presence as a fourth-generation popular group.

IVE, which once again proved its power by recording all-kill on the music charts a week after its release, has succeeded in “after-like” following “Eleven” and “Love Dive,” continuing its move worthy of the modifier ” Trustworthy to listen IVE.”

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