IVE’s Liz Mature Response To Hateful Remarks About Her Weight Gain Breaks Fans’ Hearts

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IVE’s Liz seems to be aware of how much attention her weight is getting online, and her sweet response is breaking fans’ hearts, here is why!

Recently, photos of IVE’s Liz at a fan concert in Japan gained attention as many began to express either worry or throw hateful comments at Liz for her ‘weight gain.’

IVE’s Liz’s weight has been the subject of discussion for some time now and started since last year when fans noticed Liz has gained some weight as many believe her face became chubbier than when she debuted with the group.

On a recent a live stream, one fan expressed their concern and asked Liz if she’s ok reading such malicious comments, Liz replied, “I’m okay now. I’m always happy thanks to our Dive [the fandom name].” She said that criticism does not bother her much anymore either.

Many fans have voiced their frustration over the constant hateful and hurtful remarks Liz has been facing and judging from her response, many fans now believe she’s been aware of the situation which broke their hearts.

Many are urging their agency to take stricter legal action to combat the online hate she receives for her weight.

What are your thoughts on this?

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