IVE Confirmed To Release Their First Full-length Album In April

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IVE will make a comeback with a full-length album after 8 months.

On March 16th, IVE released an image of their first full-length album ‘I’ve IVE’ through their official SNS channel.

In the image, the typography ‘I HAVE IVE’ is written in a simple color combination of black and white. The clean and impactful image not only symbolizes the unrivaled presence that IVE has been proud of but also the album name ‘I’ve IVE’, which means the group name, IVE’s promise to show what they have with their charm. 

IVE, who debuted with the single ‘ELEVEN’ in December 2021, recorded the highest Initial Chodong sales among rookie idols that debuted that year. Thanks to their popularity, they won first place on a music show just 7 days after their debut and boasted 13 crowns, including the triple crown of three terrestrial broadcasters.

IVE has built a strong fandom after recording one hit after another with their second single ‘LOVE DIVE’. They also won the Rookie of the Year award and the Daesang at various major awards ceremonies. The IVE Syndrome continued with the third single ‘After LIKE’. It not only recorded its own Initial Chodong career high, but also rose to the ranks of the ‘Million Seller Group’ with 1 million copies sold in the first week, and achieved a ‘perfect all-kill’ by topping all major charts on domestic music sites. In music broadcasting, they also won 14 crowns with the title song ‘After LIKE’, recording the most trophies won in music broadcasting in 2022. They are on the verge of reaching 3 million copies in cumulative sales with only three single albums released.

IVE will release their first full-length album on April 10.


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