IVE Fans Trend #SMA_RespectIVE After Seeing The 31st Seoul Music Awards Winners List, Why?

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The 31st Seoul Music Awards were held earlier today but there has been ongoing controversy regarding the winners’ list and one of those controversies involves the rookie group IVE.

The 31st Seoul Music Awards was held on January 23. Epex, Lee Mu Jin [soloist], Omega X ended up taking home the rookie award.

For context, the rookie award criteria is as follows, 30% online voting, 40% panelist, 30% music sale, and albums sales. To be eligible to be nominated, the music must be released from January to December 2021.

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In terms of sales, among the nominees, IVE takes the lead, the rookie group’s debut song “ELEVEN” did tremendously well on Korean music charts and is still charting well. In terms of votes, the group was among the leading ones in terms of volume in online voting. As a result, many had expected IVE to walk away with a rookie award [for a group, not a soloist].

When the winners’ list was announced, fans were furious to find out that IVE didn’t take home an award, fans began trending the hashtag #SMA_RespectIVE and it became one of the trending topics on Twitter with fans expressing their displeasure with the results.

On the k-netizens side, many are also baffled by the rookie award winners, some of the comments read, ‘who are Epex and Omega X?’ ‘I know Lee Mu Jin, but who are the other two?’ ‘where is IVE?’ and more.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think IVE should’ve taken home the rookie award?

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  1. Whatever it maybe, you can’t disrespect an artist by asking who are they? That’s just so rude, just talk about why Seoul music rookie award was not given to IVE, don’t disrespect the others artists, they also worked very hard to stand where they are now. It’s not like they just jumped out of the blue.

  2. The awards themselves are based on the previous year… THEY always are, why do they not know this? Ive debuted on the last month of that year….

    1. Based on the article, the January to December debuts were included. IVE debuted in December 1 and was included in the list 2 hours after. In their first week, IVE broke the record for highest album sales for a rookie who debuted in 2021. Throughout December, they charted within top 10 of all kcharts. So IVE clearly outsold in digital and physical sales (except for Lee Mujin). All these achievements are from December 2021 (last year). IVE is also 2nd in voting. They should have walked away with the ROTY very easily based on the criteria set by SMA. But they did not. So DIVEs are clearly upset.

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