Despite Stiff Competition from The Biggest Names In The Industry, IVE Achieves Their First Ever Perfect All Kill With “After Like”

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IVE has recorded “Perfect All Kill” on the domestic music charts with the single “After LIKE.”

With its third single “After LIKE” released on August 22, IVE has topped all major charts on domestic music sites, achieving a perfect all-kill, continuing their craze.

As of 10 a.m. on September 13, the new song “After Like” showed off its power by topping six charts, including Melon, Genie, Bugs, FLO, VIBE, Korean Spotify, and Korean YouTube Music.

Immediately after its release, IVE, which topped the real-time charts on domestic music sites a week later, has proved their global popularity by dominating domestic and overseas charts.

IVE has been charting in the charts for 21 days now, rising to 23rd place on the world’s largest music platform Spotify Global Chart daily chart. IVE has also been on the chart for three weeks since they ranked 48th, their highest ranking on Spotify. In addition, they entered the US Spotify daily chart at 86th place after the song’s release, marking the first entry and highest ranking among the debut groups last year. They were also included for the first time on Spotify’s “New Music Friday,” a major U.S. new song playlist, drawing attention.

In addition, IVE, who became a “million seller” with their third single album, has achieved a total of 1,111,177 album sales through this new album, ranking first in the monthly “Album Chart” of the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart), and is drawing attention.

At the same time, IVE has been making consecutive hits following their first single “ELEVEN” and second single “LOVE DIVE” (10 wins), and has recently won seven trophies with “After Like,” showing their daily record of winning 30 trophies with just three singles.

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