IU Sends A Unique Gift To Actor And g.o.d Singer Yoon Kye Sang

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Actor and singer, Yoon Kye Sang receives a gift from IU.

On December 16th, Yoon Kye Sang posted a photo with the caption, “Thank you Ji Eun-ah.”

In the photo, Yoon Kye Sang is looking at the present given by IU. Yoon Kye Sang is making a surprised expression at IU’s unique gift which was aged ginseng.

IU is famous as an avid g.o.d fan. g.o.d recently appeared in IU’s talk show, ‘IU’s Palette’ on YouTube.

Netizens left comments such as “As expected, Seong Deok. The class to take care of the older brothers’ health”, “The expression is so cute. I received a present, so I should hold a concert for a long time”, “You should repay them with your activities”.

g.o.d is holding the year-end concert ‘2022 god CONCERT [ON]’ to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of their debut.


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